Due to the C-19 many gigs are cancelled.

for up-to-date info go to Band/


Any gigs?
Aug 18, 2018

Michael, You are one of my music heroes. I love Steppenwolf and everything each one of you has done in and out of Steppenwolf, I want to see you live. Do you still tour? I live in Laredo, TX....I'd love to see you there. A Lifetime Fan...............Darrel J.

I play a lot but many of the travel gigs are private/corporate shows or charity events. WCR plays some festivals usually in the summer. I play a few times a week in my local area (greater Tampa FL). Thanks you for your continued support and Rock On!!!.....MM

Thank You!
June 23, 2018

 Thank you for my treasured pick. I will put it with my gradfathers mandolin. It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I never realized what a great person you are. I admire people with great hearts, positive attitudes and a sense of humor. Have a great birthday next week:).........Betty N.

Thank you Betty.....all the best to you......MM

"BORN TO BE WILD" Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall OF Fame
May 2018

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame began honoring songs in addition to artists at the 33rd Annual Induction Ceremony on April 14th, 2018 immortalizing six singles.
 Introduced by "Little Steven" Van Zandt, the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Singles category is "a recognition of the excellence of the singles that shaped rock 'n' roll."
The first inductees in the category included Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" (1968)

Last Night Mighty Ones at Brian's Place
May 2018

Ken and I enjoyed the evening listening to all of you. Thanks you for the great entertainment. Michael Monarch....thanks for the autographs. Looking forward to the next show......Ann H.

Nice to meet you and thanks to everyone who came and made this show a huge success!....MM

Blue Gator
May 2018

Hi Michael,  Very cool today, thanks for the pick and talking with me, 1st actual rockstar I've ever met:)

Big Deck in Cedar Key
April 2018

Michael, I just got back from seeing you play at the Big Deck in Cedar Key and I wanted to say that hearing you play was a truly magical experience. Thank you endlessly.......Josh C.

Wolf Fest and Steppenwolf 50 Year Reunion
Aug 2017

Hi good talking to you this morning about Detective while you signed my CD.....I did see the discs on Amazon and I am purchasing. I saw a pic on your site of you and Nick from July 4th.....was that WCR?
Thanks you so much for coming to is so appreciated by so many of us. I am sure it gets tiresome hearing the same old questions, etc. etc., but I hope you had a nice time also.......Steven P.

Hi Steven....I really enjoyed meeting everyone and reminiscing and all. Being on the Ryman stage was fantastic and I had a great time in Nashville going to all the little clubs and seeing the talented
guitarists playing there.....especially at Robert's Western World where the Don Kelly Band was playing with Porter on guitar. Loved it.....MM

Compilation CD!!!
April 2017

I received the CD and it is absolutely fantastic!!!!   You are the most amazing musician.  I was totally blown away when I listened to the CD. I am going to wear it out listening to it.
 I think I remember you telling me that you played all of the instruments in every song.  I hope I remembered it correctly. THAT IS UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!   What a talented man you are.
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the great work and I will be looking forward to hearing you play again. God Bless and many thanks,.....Holly

Wed. Night
April, 2016

Michael, It was a pleasure finally meeting the best guitar player ever at High Octane in Homosassa on Wednesday night. Steppenwolf was my favorite band growing up.
You still can play those strings great. Keep it are the greatest............Mike

A Big Fan
April 10th, 2016

Hi,  my name is Gary and I am from San Antonio, TX. Even though I am younger than the average fan (in my early 20's), Mr. Monarch is my all-time favorite artist and the greatest guitarist.
I was first turned on to his music when I was little in the mid-90's by my dad and I have been hooked ever since!

WCR -MoPar Cannery Show - Las Vegas
Mar 28, 2016

Michael, just wanted to say that we saw you at the MoPar event again this year. Once again you guys were awesome and just put on a fantastic show.
Thank you to everyone for providing us with such great entertainment!.......Roger O.

Hi Guys - Great seeing you all back in Las Vegas for your show at the Cannery last weekend.......Steve P.

WCR - Orlando FL
March 2016

The rave reviews are still coming in! Our guests just loved the World Classic Rockers!! They were spectacular and just perfect for our crowd. They were all dancing and singing along to their favorite songs and they
tried to rush the stage! Nothing like all of us who grew up to that music and could remember where we were for every hit on their playlist, not to mention everyone else who simply loves their music!
The next day at breakfast, many of our guests googled the
World Classic Rockers and at that point, they were fully aware of the original artists and talent they were a part of the night before!
Again, the comments just keep coming and they felt this was the best overall event ever!
If there is any way we can thank them, please let us know! I am personally so grateful for their time and the fact they are still doing what they love to do. And, they still sound the same!.........G. - Event Coordinator

Your gear On The Early Hits?
Feb 11, 2016

I am still knocked out by your guitar sounds in the early days. I found out that most of the early recordings you played on were using a Telecaster. I did see you play a single pickup Ricky. Still got it?
What amps did you use. You are an original trail blazer........Doug

Hi Doug, thanks for your continued interest. I used a Fender Esquire guitar which is a Telecaster but with only the bridge pickup. I switched to a Fender Stratocaster around the Second album.
The Esquire is now in one of the Hard Rocks with a very nice large display. The Rick was a prototype guitar that I borrowed from them.....we had a deal
with the company...... used that for publicity pics and when we did lip-synched television. My recording amp for the first album was a Fender a Super Reverb without the reverb.
We did use Rickenbacker amps later on for a while but I don't think they worked out for too long.
Thanks again for your interest. All the best and Rock On!!!

Valley Music Theater - 1968
April 17th, 2015

Hey Michael.. you probably don't remember a place out in the San Fernando Valley called the Valley Music Theater? It was a flying saucer-shaped, white building in Woodland Hills up on the side of a hill just south of Ventura Blvd.
The place only held 3,000 people. We were lucky enough to see you guys there in summer of '68 I believe it was. We saw EVERYBODY at that place. Had a rotating stage, if you remember.
When you guys came out, Goldy went over to the organ and hammered out a few chords just to give us a taste of what was coming. My friend and I looked at each other and said, "This is gonna be FUN!" And it was.
My favorite stuff was from the first and second albums. My friend, Dave, and I dissected those albums up and down, in and out... all the nuances. We never took for granted how great the music was at that time.
Going back and listening to it again now, 47 years later, I realize it was even better than we thought back in the day. The music and the lyrics and the poetry of it all are just so well done. I never get tired of it.
The music of that era was magical and it was a major part of our lives. It was everywhere. Steppenwolf made the world a fun place. So, thank you!............ Richard

Yeah.....that was a long time ago!! Thanks for your comments and continued support. All the best!.......MM

WCR Valdosta, GA
Mar 28th, 2015

Thank you all for a rocking concert!!! Be safe in your travels and hope you come back again next year! Bless you all! Love You guys

My thanks to WCR throwing down a spectacular concert! My hubs treated me for our fifth wedding anniversary and my birthday! (Yes, same day! Lol)
Many thanks to Randall, David and Michael for signing our ticket stubs! I was hoping for more but I admire the ones that did.
 Michael, you are simply awesome for doing the photo with the little boy. Truly made his day and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, all!! .......Beth


You guys put on an awesome show!!......Wendy

It was awesome it was amazing great job outstanding......April

Best rock and roll all star band ever!.....Doug

You guys rock! Love World Class Rockers!.....Dave B.

Fantastic concert! The music, the instruments, the vocals were so perfect, if you closed your eyes you could go back in time.
So grateful we were able to experience such talent and share it with our 7 year old grandson, he was blown away by the performance, I think we turned on another generation to great music!!!.......Patricia S.

Thanks everyone for your comments. We had a great time too!!!......MM

Re: Steppenwolf Fan
March 2015

Dear Michael,

I've been rediscovering Steppenwolf (again), and realize how CRITICAL your guitar playing/contributions were to that band -- ESPECIALLY on the band's BIG breakout, "Born To Be Wild".

I love "At Your Birthday Party," and recognize your major contributions there, too. "Jupiter's Child" is a great song you co-wrote.
On that tune, the sound of your guitar is so heavy, it sounds like a forerunner to the type of sound Black Sabbath ran with.
Never read/heard of Black Sabbath having been influenced by Steppenwolf, but the connection seems undeniable to me.
Steppenwolf came first, and was more complex/multi-dimensional than the bands that emulated them and followed in their wake.......Nick (NOT St. Nicholas!)

Hello Nick, well....thank you for your kind words. It is sometimes hard for me to look at Steppenwolf objectively.
There is a documentary on Heavy Metal Rock that does give some credit to The Wolf as a forerunner to the coming heavier rock and metal bands of the post sixties ......
and also to Born To Be Wild for the possible first use of the term Heavy Metal in the lyrics.

Anyway, thank you for your continued support of the "old stuff". Rock On!!!........MM

WCR - Wine, Dine & Music Cruise
Oct. 25th - 30th, 2014

Had a blast meeting ya'll !!!.....Douglas D.

Ready to go again!!!! Just let us know when !!!.....Phyllis S.

Great time 2nd year in a row......Judy F.

For Christmas, my sister gave me a photo book of the fabulous time we had on this cruise. You guys were the best! I think my friends are tired of hearing about it. Thanks guys.......Rachel S.

Great music - Great cruise - Our family went and had a blast !!! loved every minute --- it was a great cruise - great time -- awesome bands......Monica C.

That was by far my favorite Cruise Sail away party ever. My family all enjoyed the show - Thanks WCR for the greatest cruise vacations ever. Oh yeah and thanks Flying Dutchmen......Brian V.

Second year for us, but brought 7 more people this year ... what a great party! Love WCR!
Please do this every year! Would love to know if you are doing more music cruises with other agencies! Again, you rocked our socks off!........Leslie A.

Such a freaking great experience we are all
Still talking about it!.........Cindie S.

Rock On!!!.........MM

WCR - Las Vegas
Sept 16th, 2014

This is Aislinn, and you said you would remember my name!!? ;) I had such a fun time at the concert, and I’m sure you could tell. Thanks for the guitar pick, and I’m sure I’ll be to a concert again soon!! J ... Rock on!


WCR - Hilton Honolulu, HI
Sept. 12th, 2014

Was there and loved it Great show !!!!......Rick G.

You guys were AWESOME!!!......Becca

USS Midway - San Diego
May 29th, 2014

Hi Michael,

I had an awesome time at the Charity event aboard the USS Midway. The first time I had the pleasure of hearing the World Classic Rockers was on the USS Midway two years ago, along with Three Dog Night.
 Although that was a great concert, I must admit I really enjoyed myself this year, dancing, singing along with all my favorite tunes. I do believe I had the best spot on the ship, directly in front of the stage.
What a great view, you are such a seriously great guitar player, such concentration playing your music but when you break out that smile you light up the stage.

That was definitely a night to remember, listening to those classic songs, took me back to my high school years. I felt like a teenager all over again.

Thanks, for my guitar pick..............Paulette


WCR Orlando Show
Feb., 2014

This is to all you guys, nobody knew you were going to be at the trade show. They kept it very quiet!! Just wanted to say you guys SHOCKED everyone at the show. You stole the whole event. What an awesome job!
Everyone there talked about you guys for the remainder of the event that went on for the next couple days. We all flew home 2 days later, I could hear people still talking and telling others how great your show was on the plane ride back home.
That was Great!  The music you play is what I had grown up with, all through high school. Great to see you guys are still hitting it, like you have in the past. Thanks Guys!!!! ......R. Coryell

Wine, Dine and Music Cruise
Nov. 25th, 2013

Hi Michael, I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed hearing/seeing you play. We would like to have connected to you personally, but it did not happen. We prefer to respect people's privacy.
I was impressed with the kindness you showed to everyone--the "campers" as well as the fans. It was a great time.............Joe M, North Carolina

Exceptional Guitarist!!
April 21st, 2013

Michael Monarch was absolutely wonderful at the Kid's House Field of Dreams Gala!!! Not only is he an extremely talented musician (and apparently does a few cards tricks too),
but I was also able to talk to him after the show and he was incredibly gracious. I will do my best to see the World Classic Rockers again if the opportunity presents itself. Thanks Michael.......Your loving fan, Amber H.


RIP Andy Johns - Record producer, engineer and old friend!! You will be missed.

Guitar Pick
April 10, 2012

Michael, A couple of years ago you came to Lancaster Ca. and performed with World Classic Rockers, at the end of the show I introduced you to my wife and you gave her your own personal pick from your change wallet.
Well I must say we got home and I wasn’t allowed to go to bed until I made a shrine of the event. Your picture, the concert tickets and of course your guitar pick. This small shrine still resides in our home in our special room.
Just wanted to say thanks again for a memorable moment with my wife. I still have my 8 track tape of Steppenwolf even though I can’t play it, it too is in our memory banks.


Rick  of Lancaster CA.

WCR Live In Las Vegas April 14th, 2012

WCR will be playing at a public event in Las Vegas at the Cannery Hotel on Saturday, April 14th as part of the MOPAR on the STRIP event.

Hi Michael
Jan 10th, 2012

I am very grateful for the opportunity to hear your albums. I never give up on my heroes-you're one of the very best guitarists around. In my book,you're the king of the fat guitar sound. Sincerely,Marc. .

Hey Michael - WCR in Miami 2011
Nov 18, 2011

Hey Michael, I just wanted to write to let you know we ( Lordco from Canada ) had the best time rockin out to The World Class Rockers at the Fontainebleau! What an amazing show, tons of fun, tons of energy!!
Thank you for the guitar pick, and for letting me be part of the show (by putting your guitar over me and playing)... what a memory! All the best to you and the WCR Thank you again..........Anna 

Hi Mike, I just watched an hour of WCR videos on YouTube, which is unusual because I normally have the attention span of an ant! It looks like you and the band are having an AWESOME time playing, which is really what it's all about.........
The 'Fantasy Camp' sounds like fun...... I have done about 47 of them at a local level....... currently at Bosse Studios with a new group....... It is a blast, although many times the new players want to play the same songs,
some of which i can no longer play (I think you know what I mean)........ A couple of questions, how much do you charge for your artwork? Also, what is the decal on the headstock of your guitar? All the best, Brian C.

Hey Brian, yes the band has a great time on stage and the 'Fantasy Camps' are always a hit when we do them. I will email you about the artwork and thanks for your interest in it.

The decal on the headstock is just a gag. The neck was made special for me by a famous LA guitar maker named John Carruthers but it looked naked without something there.
I thought about acquiring the proper Fender decal but along the way I came across the 'Genuine Hoodlum Made In USA' decal. I don't remember where I got it. TTYL..........M:)

Great Surprise Concert
Sept 18, 2011

Good Day Michael, I would like to thank you and all the other fabulous musicians for the most awesome concert. What a surprise from the United Association,
now that is one HELL of a way to open the Las Vegas Convention with a meet & greet, plus music to boot! I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
I am the lady that danced in the front of the crowd and when you were finished playing for the evening I came on stage and gave you a pin from my local union #26 SW Washington Pipe Trades,
then you gave me your guitar pick, I shall always treasure this experience. Thank you so much, you all were amazing. The fire was definitely burning bright that Sunday night. Have a wonderful night.

Steamfitter and woman,.....Kelsie J.  

Concert at Bally's for UA
Aug 18th, 2011

GREAT show!!! can I get a list of all artist who performed, missed some of show (must have stayed too long at hospitality room). Thanks for making that a memorable trip!!!..... Terry

Hi Terry....let's see....We had Aynsley Dunbar (Journey), Fran Cosmo (Boston), Greg Walker (Santana), Randall Hall (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Fergie Fredericksen (TOTO) and Nick St. Nicholas and myself from Steppenwolf.
If I left someone out....I'm sorry. Glad you enjoyed the show!.....

Cerritos Show - Saturday, August 13th, 2011
Aug 15th, 2011

Hey........... Some friends and my wife and I just caught your performance with W.C.R. this past Saturday nite at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in Cerritos, Ca.
 Just wanted to let you know we all thought the show was "the bomb". Loved every minute of it. You still rock dude. Come back this way again sometime soon. We'll certainly come see ya. Till then, Dennis S....... A Fan


Thank You
Aug 14th, 2011

My husband, mom, dad, 2 other couples & me had a great time watching your performance at Cerritos Performing Arts Center in the front row! Thank you for your strummed pic @ the end of the show.
We hope that you get booked, again to come back so that we can bring our children & more friends to watch an energizing show! Our 7 year old will use the drumsticks from Aynsley & our daughter will treasure your pic.
My dad, Nick, had the best time when you handed him a WCR DVD.
Thank you,
Natalie C.

WCR in Cerritos
Aug 14th, 2011

Super show! Everyone played great. Dunbar is a monster!........ YCMA...

Thanks all of the above comments on our latest shows. You were all great audiences  and i hope we see you all again........MM:)

WCR in Valdosta, GA
Aug 12th, 2011

Mr. Monarch, I met you while celebrating my birthday down in the big city of Valdosta, Ga. It was July 23rd, and you, along with the other World Classic Rockers, were playing at Wild Adventures theme park. I wanted to send you this e-mail to tell you that I have thought of that night often, it was one of the best birthdays I have celebrated in a long time. The tee shirt that you autographed for me along with some of the other members of the group, I am going to have framed with my ticket from the concert and the guitar pick that you gave me. Your performance was outstanding and brought back many fond memories for me, so thank you for that! I am sure that you don't remember me (I told you that you wouldn't), let's see if you do and e-mail me back like you said you would.... Needless to still got it babe!!! I hope to see you again soon.........Rosemary D. 

From Carol - Central California gig
Jul 20, 2011

Hi Michael, Just wanted to tell you again how impressed we were with you guys!  I know you guys play the same songs over a lot for your corporate gigs, but you all put so much feeling into them - I was feeling it anyway. It was an honor to have met you - as I told you, I saw you play twice WAY back with Steppenwolf. I was a bit more of a folky fan, but you guys really influenced me (my parents were NOT thrilled!!) along with the Doors and Led Zeppelin for starters. Anyway, gigs like this make me love my job, so a big thank you to all of you.  Hope to see you at another one somewhere down the line........Carol

Detective Tunings?
May 23rd, 2011

Hey Michael, u truly understand rock guitar and I am particularly fond of ur detective stuff. What tunings were used on 'It Takes One To Know One'? Specifically the song Competition? thx .......... Chelsea

I used open G tuning. That is low to high - DGDGBD. It is a slide tuning that Robert Johnson among others used.
 Thanks for your continued interest in my music. All the best.......Michael


Saw you last March in San Antonio
May,22nd, 2011

Just wanted to send you this quick note. I got to spend a few minutes with you on stage after you played at the GPA  in San Antonio back in March. 
You were putting your guitar in the case while we were talking-just trying to jar your memory of who I was. This was my 2nd time seeing you play and as I told you;
I have never seen anyone that can get the sound that you can get!!! I have a Fender (trying to play it!) so I immensely appreciate your talent!
You are the best in my opinion! I was right there at the edge of the stage and could not believe how great you can play! Again, thanks for the great music!!!.......Mike

April 17, 2011

I was checking your prints and really enjoy your colours and the textures that you put into your art. Just like your songs and music its such warm, emotional work .
I love your 'Glass Onion' and 'Galaxia'. Hope to see more of your work soon.......... Marlene F.

Nanaimo BC Canada
April 3, 2011

Hi Michael, You know I personally feel that you brought the soul to Steppenwolf back in the day. Not sure if you are with that group any more but if you ever decide to do a gig with them, with the original lineup please play in Nanaimo BC. I would love to see Steppenwolf, your music was amongst the best ever written and the guitar the best ever and I know that’s a tall order statement, but it was to me. Glad you are still out there making tunes and in the industry. Best to you and your family. Thank you! Sincerely.........Jim J

March 1, 2011

I'm not quite able to really take in the fact that I am able to speak to (as indirect as email may be) someone who has had such an influential impact on music (real music :). I am 32 years old and was introduced to Steppenwolf by my Mother. I loved that band, the music, lyrics etc...everything about it. Nobody I know listens to Steppenwolf, no radio play in my small town, so I sometimes "forget" about the music until I revisit. I have messed around with the guitar in high school and took an extended leave until a few years ago. When I eventually started listening again I realized what an INCREDIBLE, UNIQUE, and almost SURREAL tone that you are able to create with your guitar/gear! Guitarists always hear "vintage tone this, and vintage tone that..." when I think of a real "classic" "holy grail" sort of tone I think of Steppenwolfs early stuff!

   If you could tell me a few things about the gear you used back in those days it would be VERY VERY much appreciated! A once in a life time experience!.............Matthew

Thank you all (above 3 emails/posts) for the kind words. Thanks Marlene for your appreciation of my artwork. Thanks Jim & Matthew!! Mathew, you can find answers to your questions right here on the 'Message Board' and in some of the interviews on the 'NEWS' page of this site. All the best and Rock On!!!........Michael

Re: Steppenwolf & Detective
Dec. 11, 2010

It is beyond me that Detective did not take off.  I still actively listen to the couple of discs I have.  Some of the best song-writing and singing, not to mention the tightness of the band...just incredible.  A shame that you guys did not zoom to the top....especially you...would love to see you as a guitarist with Satriani's G3...that is how good YOU are...Any chance there will ever be a Detective reunion or any chance you will get together with the boys in the band again?

Just know that not only are your Steppenwolf licks being played every second of the day (hope you are getting royalties!) but there is a legion of Detective fans that absolutely treasure the 3 discs you guys put out (I include the live Atlantic Studios disc).  I know that 'It Takes One To Know One' is one of the most complete, rocking and just fun to listen to discs that I have ever heard.  Every single song is so well done.  I will be playing it and listening to it from time to time for the rest of my life.   Keep rocking and know you are appreciated.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!...... Michael Ehrhart  

Thanks so much for the compliments and appreciation. I realize more and more how lucky I was to be part of that special time in music history. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and yours..........MM:)

An honor to email you, Michael!
Dec 4th, 2010

Hello, Michael. Let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of your work and, as a guitarist myself, I'm especially fascinated by your late '60s guitar tones. You were able to achieve a certain fuzzy, nasal character to your tone, particularly on 'Sookie Sookie' and 'Born To Be Wild', that I really love, so I hope you don't mind if I ask some specific questions about your gear on the first Steppenwolf album. I know you already stated earlier that you had used an Esquire through a Fender Concert amp with a custom fuzz box or a Fuzz Face, but there's some conflicting info circulating around and I was hoping you could set the record straight on this once and for all. Richard Podolor of American Recording stated in an interview with Mix Magazine recently that you had actually used Fender Dual Showman amps cranked to 10 on that first album. There's also a rumor floating around that you had used Rickenbacker Transonics solid state amps. I've seen photographs of Steppenwolf with Rickenbacker Transonics, but never found a shred of evidence that you actually brought them into the studio with you for the first album or any other. Is there any truth at all to either of these claims?

I also have a question about your amp mic'ing technique and if it had played a strong part in creating your unique tone. I recall seeing footage of you live in '68 on Playboy After Dark where you're playing the Esquire through the Concert amp, but the mic was in a really odd position. The mic stand was placed directly to the side of the Concert amp and the mic itself was facing out towards the audience, but angled slightly towards the speakers. Basically, it was positioned opposite from how you normally see amps mic'd up. Can you provide any info on that technique and if it was something you typically did in the studio as well?

thank you, Michael. It's a real pleasure and if you could provide any other info on how you achieved your c lassic guitar tones, I'd love to know all about it. Regards...... Marco

Hi Marco, thanks for your interest in the old music. I could be wrong but I seem to remember using a brown tolex covered Fender Concert Amp in the studio for the first Steppenwolf album but maybe that was the Second album. Now at that time - 1967-68 - I was using a Fender Bandmaster (not Dual Showman) when playing live - mostly in clubs - however the band owned a couple of Dual Showman's too so it's possible...... and yes, I turned the amp up beyond what anyone wanted and was asked to turn it down and did..... but right when they pushed the record button, I cranked it up again.

The Rickenbacker amps came later and were never used for recording..... well at least not on that first album. Those Transonic amps were not that good. They were solid state and sounded good for a minute but they lost sound the more you used them. They had a strange geometric shape which could be stacked to look like pyramids or something. We had publicity photos with the amps and I also had a prototype 'Rick' that was kind of like a Les Paul but the pickup was from a pedal steel. I never played that guitar live or in the studio.... just for pics. We did use the amps on a tour but they did not hold up. In my last days with the group (1970) I was using Marshalls.
As far as the mic placement for the Playboy show..... maybe the engineer wanted it that way or maybe it just got bumped and nobody noticed. Normally when my amp was mic'd it woud be close to the edge of the cone .... usually slanted towards the center of the cone.
I hope these answers help..... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!.......Michael

Pioneers of Hard Rock
Oct. 16, 2010

Hello Michael, I had always revered Steppenwolf as a pioneer of Hard Rock. Your style and sound was signature. You were right there Michael creating something that I believe is the greatest form of Rock N Roll and I am pleased that you have stayed with it and are still Rocking today.   I just had to contact you and tell you how I feel about what you have contributed to Rock and what an excellent guitarist you are and how I loved to listen to you crank it out over the years. I see that you have done much recording since Steppenwolf and I am going to have to check this out further and listen to what you have done. I wish you luck and continued success in all of your musical endeavors. Keep on Rockin' .... Bob N.

WCR Peachtree, Georgia Show
July, 12, 2010

Michael...we all just wanted to thank you again for everything!   I can't tell you how much we enjoyed seeing you perform and how much we enjoyed hanging out with you (and the guys) was truly awesome!   Take care and please accept my thanks again for everything.  Best regards! ...... Layton

Fuzz Question
July 10, 2010

Hi Michael, I came across one of the Steppenwolf songs on you tube and fell in love with your guitar tone so I went and bought an album. I'd love to know what type of Fuzz pedal you used on the song Desperation? I've been trying to get close to that amazing sound and failing badly =(
Kind regards,

Hi Richard, it was probably a FuzzFace. I played a '50s Fender Esquire (Telecaster) through a Fender Concert Amp (Super Reverb without the reverb)......Michael

Hokus Pokus
May 15, 2010

Hi, this is Peter Sommer the producer of Rockpalast. Since more than 30 years we produce the finest Rock music for German TV. I am a big fan of Hokus Pokus. I guess I got up to 10 Vinyl Albums in vg condition. I still look for the Mint one or the CD.
Are there any plan to re-release the Romar Records monster album on CD? I´d be very happy to get it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Peter, sorry but I don't know of any plan to release that on CD. Thanks for your continued interest in my music......Michael


WCR at the Moon Palace, Cancun
March 10, 2010

Michael, my wife and I just returned from the Moon Palace resort in Cancun, Mexico. What a surprise to see you and WCR playing for a conference being held there. We weren't part of the conference, but we got up front. The show was excellent! Afterwards, I spoke to you briefly and my wife took a couple of great pictures. I was a little awestruck and forgot to tell you how much of a fan of Detective I am. It was great seeing you play and meeting you. I hope that you will return to Toronto this summer....... Regards, Dean Lindsay, Toronto, ON, Canada

Feb 7, 2010

Hello Michael, I have very much enjoyed your brilliant guitar playing over the years......... Alex

Born To Be Wild Too!
Jan 19, 2010

Hi Michael, I have been a huge fan of yours since I first heard your incredible guitar work on the first Steppenwolf album. You and I are the same age, but I was just learning to play some basic chords on the guitar then and your awesome melodic phrasing and guitar tone really blew my mind! When it comes to Rock/Blues, YOU, Gary Duncan, J. Beck, Clapton, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford and Santana are some of my favorite players. You along with other great guitar players greatly inspired me to learn the instrument. Since I grew up and lived in Tokyo, Japan, till I moved to the US in '75, I haven't had a chance to hear you perform live and am hoping you'd be touring in the SF Bay area in 2010. Looking forward to hearing you play live one of these days............Miki, Palo Alto, CA

Happy New Year!
Jan 5, 2010

Happy New Year Michael!!! Let's hope that 2010 is a good one! Enjoyed the WCR video, especially the guitar in Black Magic Woman.... the best I've heard!
All the best.........Brian - Boston, MA

WCR at the Orlando Hard Rock
Oct. 23, 21009

Hello Michael,   I just returned home from Orlando, FL. I was at the Hard Rock show put on by Honeywell (you looked great in the Honeywell hat, too) on Oct 20. The show was amazing !!!!!!!!!!
I was about 15 feet from the stage in the middle. When the show closed you probably didn't hear me yelling "STEPPENWOLF !!!". I have all of Steppenwolf's Albums (on vinyl) . .
Steppenwolf has always been one of my favorite bands, so it was especially great for me to see you play and hear the Steppenwolf favorites. This by far was the absolute best concert I have ever seen.
So thank you for that. I play drums for 40+ years myself and am also still active in a working band.   I look forward to seeing WCR play again........   Dan Fuoco

WCR - CNE Show
Aug 23, 2009

Hi Michael
It's Candi from the show at CNE. I had an awesome time at the show! You guys are awesome......especially you! You were making that guitar cry.
Thank-you so much for the guitar pick and for the autograph and pictures. I would love for you guys to come back next year to the CNE, I will definitely come and see you guys!
Anyways, lets keep in touch! You really are awesome! You still got it Michael!

Re: Magic Carpet Ride
July 24, 2009

You are very underrated guitarist. You can hold your own against any of the top rated guitar players.  Any chance you'll be playing Las Vegas any time soon. I would like to see you. You are by far my favorite guitarist. Now for my question how did you do the intro to M.C.R. That intro is just awesome You have probably answered this question a couple of hundred times but I have never heard that question and answer. So if you have time please let me know It's something that really Interest's me. Well I wish you success your fan........... Felipe Galvan.

Hi Felipe, thanks for the compliments. The band I play with now (the World Classic Rockers) will be playing Las Vegas on October 28th. The only problem is it will probably be a private/corporate show. I will know more about it when it gets closer but I believe it is a private/corporate show...........The intro to MCR was all guitar. The producer asked me go crazy with the guitar. I basically just beat it up....hitting it, smashing on the strings, bending a few notes and just having some fun making noises. They loved it and asked me to do it again. Then we just combined the 2 tracks and that was it. I doubt if I could do it again the same way. The guitar was a Fender Esquire or maybe my Strat and the amp was a Fender Concert. I may have used a foot-pedal called a 'Distorto".............Anyway, thanks for your continued interest in my music and feel free to keep in touch............. Michael 

Janis Joplin's Kozmic Blues - Recording Dates
July 7, 2009

Hi Michael, My name is Mike Carr I live up here in the SF Bay Area, in the East Bay to be more accurate, I have lived in the Bay Area all my life 58 years. I would like your help if you would be willing. I am trying to get a close session date for Kozmic Blues. I made friends with one of the session guitarists about that time, who was Michael Bloomfield. He was happy with the session and the people he worked for and with. This is a quest and not some obsession what I find is what I’ll find, but the more the better. I realize this was a long time ago and some people think I shouldn’t care. But is a happy memory and coincides with my return to guitar playing (as a hobby). I had stopped after Mikes passing and never returned until recently. So if you could do me a kind favor and give me some kind of idea on the dates it would of great help. Even a season would help i.e. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.........Yours Truly, Mike Carr P.S. I have some of your newer recorded tunes I enjoy your work! Like Michael (Bloomfield) told me back then listen to everybody and practice, practice and practice some more. 

 Hi Mike, that was a long time ago. I don't even remember the year...... must have been late '68 or sometime in '69. The sessions were in Hollywood at the old Columbia or was it RCA studios on Sunset Blvd. near Gower St. Myself and Jerry Edmonton (drums - also in Steppenwolf) and Goldy McJohn (keyboard -Steppenwolf) played on most or all of the backing tracks. I was in the studio with Janis when she did some of the vocals. I remember seeing her paisley painted Porche in the parking lot.  The producer was the late Gabriel Mekkler (Steppenwolf's producer for the first 3 albums). I recall the engineer having to be ready to get Janis on the first take or two because she really gave all right off the bat. They (producer and engineer) didn't want to have to say, "nice one Janis but we had a tech problem in here so we need you to do it again". That's about all I can tell you. Sorry I don't remember more. Take care............Michael 

Concert at Gaylord Palms Last Night
June 11, 2009

Concert was out of this world . It was our 8 year olds first concert and it was a night he will remember for the rest of his life, he danced like there was no tomorrow and he rocked on stage with THE BEST.  We just wanted to thank you, and to let you know it was The Best concert ever, Our son would like to say thank you and YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thank you all and God Bless............Stephan

Thank You
April 21, 2009

Michael, Thank you for a wonderful evening at the Seminole Kids House gala performance. My daughter won the bid on the guitar and it was very special to have you autograph the guitar for her. You are a spectacular person, taking the sincere interest to speak to her in length on playing an instrument. Best of life to you,...........Your friends in Orlando  :)

Still Lovin' The Music
Nov 14th, 2008

Hey I got my dad, who had practically every Steppenwolf album back in the 70s, hooked on the CD. Unfortunately my dad gave away most of his vinyl years ago and now the only albums we have with you on it are Steppenwolf and 16 Greatest Hits. Anyways, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your music and that you should definitely come to Manassas, VA so you can autograph my Steppenwolf albums! Thanks again for the CD...........Peace..........Tim Hines (latest winner of the "CD Giveaway")

Gilley's in Dallas, TX
Nov 11, 2008

Hi Michael, we were at the Rock hall of fame gig at Gilley's in Dallas TX.  My daughter Taylor was the beautiful 16 year old that got up on stage with you and played your guitar.  She had such a great time. She appreciates classic rock due to her father's love of it.  She was hoping to see her picture on your photos page. Let us know, thanks!..........Kitrina

Hi Taylor and family, nice to know you had a great time. The photo is up. Happy Holidays........MM;)

New Recordings
Oct 13, 2008

GREAT MATERIAL!!........Goldy McJohn

Detective Fan!!!
Sept 22, 2008

Michael, Your new album (MM3) rocks! I stumbled on it at amazon. Look, i'm a big Detective fanatic. There are virtually NO LIVE BOOTLEGS out there on Detective.   Man I know you got some board tapes... If you haven't digitized them yet, send em to me and i'll do it and send back the tapes and CD copies of whatever you send me. I do this all the time for folks. i'm good at it - paying attention to tune in the azimuth prior to the transfer.   Anyways, if this is just too funny for words, n/p. Just fuggedaboudit..   Just know that I dig your stuff and your approach to the guitar. My old band used to do Help Me Up, Competition, and AreYou Talkin' To Me? I Love that track, It starts with that great lick up the neck with the open G string and walks down to that great G minor vamp.  Man I want some live Detective!! I have the Atlantic Records 1977 promo LP, but that ain't a rockin' crowd, man, I wanna hear that band Live.   Anyways, If you DO have a box of tapes you'd like me to transfer to CD for ya, lemme know..   Cheers.   Lars Ekland, Raleigh NC

Hi Lars, unfortunately I don't have any live Detective audio or video tapes. I have been asked this many times but......and yes that Detective Live In Studio was never supposed to be a release. There were only a handful of people there. I don't really know why that was recorded at all. Anyway, thanks for your interest in my music. If you have any other questions please feel free to email.......Best wishes........Michael

Hong Kong Concert
Sept 21, 2008

Hi Michael,
You and all of WCR were fantastic in Hong Kong.  I went home with such a great feeling and it has been lasting through out the week. I notice you use a capo. May I ask:  -why   -is it on first or second bar   -do you change tuning of guitar? What are your pedals in WCR?  Thank you for your show in Hong Kong..........Hermann

Hi Hermann, I am glad you enjoyed the show. You guys were a fantastic audience which makes our job so much easier!
The capo is usually on the second fret. Yes, I play in an open G slide tuning. With the capo I have an open E and an A in the bass like standard tuning. I really got into slide guitar early on and just developed my own way of playing. I really don't play much slide anymore but the tuning stuck.
As far as my setup - On the floor I have a Boss tuner into an Analog Man DS-1. Then two graphic EQ pedals set for the different sounds I need with WCR. In the amps efx loop I run a DD-6 stereo delay and a Boss Super Pitch Shifter which I feed to my second amp. The amps are two Marshall 900's in stereo.
Thanks for helping to make the show in Hong Kong a good one and thanks for your interest in my music...........Michael

FCC Charity Show in Hong Kong
Sept. 15, 2008

I don't know if you remember a 16-year-old girl with a grey dress and curly hair dancing like crazy at the FCC charity ball who eventually got lucky enough to be wedged between you and your guitar, but that was me.

I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I have to say, that was one of the most brilliant nights of my life. Admittedly, I had no clue who you were before Saturday, but I have never seen anyone do that with a guitar. EVER. I literally could not take my eyes off those strings. I've been known to loathe the music of my generation and clog up my iPod with songs none of my friends recognize, so I had the time of my life! Thanks so much for the best music I have ever heard and for that pick! You and the rest of the band are incredible and I now know I was DEFINITELY born in the wrong generation!
-Ami Jones

IAFF Convention
Aug 17, 2008

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the 49th biennial IAFF Convention when you and WCR  rocked the RIO. You guys put on a spectacular show. You are all excellent and I hope to see your show again sometime. And, by the way, wearing the Fire Fighter Local t-shirts on stage was a nice touch. Thank you........Chris J.

Hello & Kudos
July 4, 2008

I was recently visiting iTunes and while I was there I thought I'd re-visit some old favorites like Steppenwolf that I hadn't listened to in years. I already knew I loved the songs but I was surprised by the musicianship which still holds up to today's standards (something I can't say for most oldies bands). The guitar work really stands out.  Great dirty tone and attitude and also very precise playing when using a clean tone. Most players do one or the other well, but seldom both. I know because I've recorded some of the best here in Nashville so I hope you take that as a well founded compliment. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to say that I really enjoy and appreciate your playing in both the old and new songs. Keep up the good work........Rob S.

WCR Arizona Show
May 28, 2008
I was in the Fantasy camp in Scottsdale AZ a couple of weeks ago. I had the privilege of being on stage and having a wonderful time. Considering I was the guy with NO musical ability it was cool to hang out and shake the maracas on stage with the back up singers. Thanks for a wonderful time.......Johnny T.

Steppenwolf II

Mike, I have always been a great fan, and my life changed in oh so many ways when, as a 7 yr. old kid, I took a chance and spent the $2.99 on Steppenwolf II...Prior to that , I was strictly into Simon Says, The Cowsills and Yummy Yummy Yummy...As soon as the needle hit the vinyl on "Faster" I knew, somewhere inside that 7 yr. old soul, that this was something different...And it was through Steppenwolf, that I got into Cream, Hendrix and even Muddy Waters....Take care Mike and I wish you all the best...........Joe W.

Phoenix Show
May 19, 2008

Hi Michael, had a great time with you guys over the weekend in Phoenix.  The band rocked and everyone loved the show. Thanks again for the instruction.  That was a thrill for me.   Everyone from the band to the crew were extremely friendly and easy to get along with. Keep rocking and let me know if you coming to the Cincinnati area anytime soon.  We would love to see you again.......Steve L.

Chicago National Train Day
May 10, 2008

Hello, my name is Maria. Michael and I met at the Chicago National Train Day World Classic Rockers show. I think he is amazing!

April 16, 2008

Hi…was browsing your site and can glean a bit from the photos, but was wondering what your mainstay guitars are and gear setup? Few guitarists stand out w/ such unique style.....Thanks, Bruce

Hello Bruce, Thanks for the kind words. For live work I use a Custom Fender Strat with a Marshall amp (800 or 900). I keep the outboard stuff simple - Delay pedal in the amps send and return. On the floor I have a tuner and an EQ boost pedal for solos. My strings are 009 - 046. In the studio I use all kinds of stuff but I do favor my candy red Strat. Has a different tone from most other Strats I have played. I also use a Gibson Les Paul for some things. Amps in the studio are a Marshall Plexi 50watt head and a blackface Fender Princeton. For recording I use Protools and Logic with lots of plug-ins so I have all those effects too.....MM:)

Concert In Palm Springs
Jan. 24, 2008

Hello Michael,
Just wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with me after your WCR concert in Palm Springs. I have been a huge fan from the time I talked my older brother into taking me to see Steppenwolf when I was 12 or 13. At that time I was just learning to play the guitar, so I was thoroughly impressed with your style and what seemed to be your effortless ability to play the guitar.  Seeing you perform in Palm Springs reminded me of the fact that you are an amazing guitar player! I have played for over 30 years so I can appreciate it more than most. Thanks again for your time, thanks for the pick.........Bruce


Getting A New Listen
Dec. 12, 2007

From my early teens on I have been a Steppenwolf fan.  ‘Wolf was my first real hard rock experience and to this day I cite them as a huge influence on my preferences and music writing.  Currently I am in the process of converting all my old LP’s into CD’s and have just come into the “S’s”.  I still have the first album and “At Your Birthday Party” on vinyl and am listening to “Desperation” even as I type this.  Thanks for all the wonderful years of timeless music!.............Mike Martin

Comstock Festival
Oct 7, 2007

Hi my name is Stacy and I was at Comstock Rock Festival in Nebraska this summer. I was right in the front row during the show and you threw about 6 guitar picks to me and I missed all of them! So my dad and I found you and got a picture with you (which is on my page!) and we got to talk to you for awhile. I just wanted to tell you how awesome that was to be able to talk to you, not many musicians will do that! Anyway, I LOVED the show and hopefully you guys will come back to Nebraska!........

O'Fallon Concert
Sept 24, 2007

Hi.  I wanted to tell you how awesome your concert was Saturday.  It was even better than the show in Cancun earlier this year.  It was great to see you guys again.  My son said you were the most awesome guitar player! It was great to be at your concert again.  Let me know if you're doing any public concerts coming up........Donna

The show was amazing!........Monica

I just wanted to say that you all did an amazing job the other night. Everyone I know that went to it absolutely loved it. I hope that I get to see you guys in concert again and I that you all will stop by the Cracker Barrel again when you all are in town.......Lysa

Thank you's easy to perform for an audience like you and we appreciate the energy you give back to


Aug 26, 2007

Whatever happened to all the other guys from Detective? I probably consider Zeppelin to be pound for the pound the greatest band ever, but really, so were you. I just got copies of both CDs from Detective. As a guitar player heavily influenced by you, I have been sitting through those two records again (for the first time in many years) with my jaw sitting on the floor. I cannot say enough about that band. You guys were a better, funkier Zeppelin.  There is nary a single unnecessary note by anybody on those records, and you (Michael) pull out everything from Keef to Mick Taylor to Mick Ralphs to Page---it blows me away now more than then, because I realize how ridiculously tasteful you were on everything. I see now you have chops up there with Morse and Johnson and Lee and all the other high high echelon people, but I don't think too many people I just mentioned are as musical as you. And I love all those players. But there are only a couple people who really can do it all, and you're one of them. I really love Rick Derringer too. He's one versatile guy as well. But the question was, I see Des Barres in 3 or 4 movies. What stops Detective from getting together?  Is everyone still alive?...........Mike Fitz  

Hello Mike, wow....those are some very kind words. I am glad you enjoy those albums. Everyone is still alive. I saw Michael Des Barres recently and John a few months ago. Last time I saw Bobby Pickett was about 5 years ago and I haven't seen Tony Kaye since the band broke up. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much drive to put that band together again. It didn't really end on a good note. Too bad because I think we might have been successful if we could have hung in a little longer. We had Tom Dowd producing are third album but by then we were not getting along too well. For the last ten years I have been playing with WCR (World Classic Rockers) which has worked out pretty good and in between I have been recording my instrumental stuff and writing and recording with others artists. Thanks again for your continued support. All the best.........Michael

Aug 25, 2007

Thanks Michael for the great guitar all these years.  You were definitely ahead of your time with Steppenwolf and beyond.  That's some pretty slick swing dancing as well - you got all the bases covered.....OB James

You Guys Rock!
July 22, 2007

Thanks for making it all the way out to Moline, Il. You guys rock!..........Matt S.

Camarillo Concert
June 28, 2007

I met you when you played the concert in the park in Camarillo. I was wearing a Dark Side of the Moon shirt. I'm 16 years old and I play guitar in two bands, both without drummers. Neither of them are very good though... I just wanted to say thank you because my best friend Mike and I love your work with Steppenwolf and we've made "Born to Be Wild" our anthem of sorts. It picks us up when we're feeling blue. Personally, I like "The Pusher." I loved seeing you in Camarillo and I look forward to meeting you again. Peace Out  

June 22, 2007

Hello Michael,

I received the cd and pick today and I wanted to thank you. I really appreciate it. I am a big fan of your music. You are a brilliant musician and writer. You play with great skill and passion. Your music is majestic and uplifting. The cd is awesome. You made my day.

All the best,

You Still B. Soundin' Great
May 23, 2007

Hey Man, Gregg here. How's it goin'? Dude, you're still as fluid as ever. Tone for days!........Gregg Wright

Just Got MM3 CD
May 23, 2007

I have been meaning to email you. MM3 is awesome. Who played what on and where do it get done? Guitar work is incredible with a wide array of styles. I love it! Now I have to go back and listen to the first two to compare........Bob B.

Gear Question and a Great '68 Steppenwolf Show
Mar 14, 2007

Hi Michael,

Love your work with Steppenwolf and was wondering if you'd give a rundown on the gear you were using in those days...Guitars, amps, effects, etc. . I see that you've listed some of the equipment below, was there anything else of note? Any stories behind how you got particular sounds for certain songs? Thanks and continued success!
Tom Farrington

Hi Tom, I used a Fender Esquire guitar (1 pick-up Tele) and a Fender Concert Amp (basically a Super Reverb without the reverb) for the first Wolf Album. I also used a Fender Strat on the Second album. Added a Gibson Les Paul Jr. to my collection and used it on a few parts of the third album. I already mentioned the stomp boxes in an earlier post so I won't repeat that. Usually I just turned the amp up a little louder then anyone wanted and let it distort a little (well sometimes a lot). The beginning of Magic Carpet Ride (explosions and noise) was just me and the guitar fighting. I was beating on it and it was screaming!....

Thanks for a great show!
Feb 12, 2007

I was in the front row...dodging the Orlando last Thursday night...GREAT SHOW. At 47 it was great to listen to Magic Carpet Ride, Born to be Wild ...I miss that in Rock & Roll today...Keep rockin' ! & If you ever get to the Spokane Area, let me know when and I'll be there.......THANKS AGAIN.....Bill Taylor  

WCR Show Lancaster, CA - Feb.3rd
Jan 23, 2007

The World Classic Rockers will be performing live, in concert, at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center in Lancaster, CA on Saturday night, February 3rd. Showtime is 8:00 p.m.  Tickets are selling fast so don't wait, purchase your tickets today! We look forward to seeing you all there for a fantastic night of classic rock at its best.

Merry Christmas
Dec. 21, 2006

Hi Michael, i just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.........Dennis V.

Merry Christmas Michael and a Happy New Year........Peter G.

thanks Dennis & Peter and the same to you!!!

Fuzz Pedal On The Pusher
Nov 6, 2006

Hey Michael,
  What type of fuzz box did you use on the song called "The Pusher" from the first album? If you have the answer, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Robert W.
Huber Heights, OH

Hello Robert, I wish I could remember. I had an old prototype distortion box called "Distorto" which I may have used. It was a silver homemade looking box with a big red footwitch button and the word Distorto on it. I don't know where I got it or what happened to it. I also used FuzzFace and ColorSound pedals but they may have come later. The amp was a Fender Concert Amp (similar to a Super Reverb without the reverb). Guitar was a Fender Esquire (a Tele with just the bridge pick-up). I hope that

Hello Michael
Nov 1, 2006

Hello Michael, my name is Klaus and I'm from Germany (Hamburg). You probably can't hear the name Steppenwolf anymore, but when I discovered your site, I just had to say hello and big compliments for your guitar work in Steppenwolf. So with a big thank you - best wishes and take care!.....Klaus

Hey mm...
Sept 24, 2006

Either you guys are very busy with shows or you're on vacation. What's new?..........Mrs. K

Hi Mrs. K, how are you? We have been playing but we don't publicize some shows because they are private events. We just got back from Las Vegas where we played a charity event hosted by Jay Leno. In the next six months we are going to - Dallas TX, Scottsdale AZ, Nashville TN, Orlando FL, Michigan, California, Canada and 4 dates in Cancun, Mexico. I have been working on my motorcycle - customizing it. That seems to be all I have been thinking about lately.  Take care........Mr. M

Sept 11, 2006

My name is Aya. I am an exchange student from Japan. I had a great time yesterday! Your concert was soooo cool!! and your pick is one of my treasures!!!  Thank you very much...lots of love XOXO......Aya

Thanks For Keeping It Real
Sept. 10, 2006

Awesome job at the Huntington Beach Bella Beach Party last night. Had a great time listening to you....Brought back great memories....Thanks for keeping it real....Vickie

Thank you both for making that show memorable. Great audience!!

UK Tour?
Aug 30, 2006

Hello Michael, have the World Classic Rockers any plans to tour the UK in the future we would love to see your act. Thank you for the work you did with Steppenwolf and Detective. Do you see any of your former band mates from these bands at all. All the best.......Peter

Hi Peter, unfortunately WCR does not have any plans at this time for shows in the UK. I wish we did! Thanks for your interest in the music I have been involved with. The last time I saw John (Kay) was at the 30th year Steppenwolf reunion. We speak once in awhile on phone for business matters. I talked to Michael Des Barres a few years ago at a party. I guess the answer to your question is "not much"

Do You Have Tour Dates Lined Up?
July 30, 2006

I am new to your site and have enjoyed scouting my way through it.  I would love to see you live.  Is anything lined up or is there another site to go to for a schedule?  I'm located in Milwaukee, WI (within 2 hrs of Chicago).......Sherry

Hi Sherry, the band I play with (the World Classic Rockers) doesn't have a scheduled date near you as of now. I usually post the public dates on this message board. The band plays dates every month however many of them are private/corporate shows.  Thanks for your interest in my music and keep checking the site for

The New CD - MM3
July 30, 2006

Hi Michael, I received the CD today and played it 3 times so far and I must say its a great album. The variation in songs is wonderful. I hear a lot of influences (compliment), I even hear focus (Jan Akkerman in track 4) is that right??, Little Feat (slide) in the Hot Night In Dixie song, and the twanging Shadow sound on several tracks. Malibu Sunset and One Last Time are great as is the Latin/Brazil influence on other tracks. I hear so much and all in your own style, again and again I love this album, and not only the guitar but also the keyboard playing on all tracks is first class. Thanks again Michael and all the best........Martin from Amsterdam, Holland

Hi Martin, I'm glad you liked the CD so much. Yes, I have many influences on this CD. When I hear something I like, I guess I just file it away until I am recording and then it comes out all mixed together. I think what binds this CD is the simplicity in recording without too much production. Anyway, I hope I can visit your country again. I so enjoyed Amsterdam a few years ago and would love to

Yardbirds DVD
July 30, 2006

Hi Michael, I just got a Video from Rhino that is a documentary of the Yardbirds. I thought of you because both Page and Beck played Fender Esquires, and early on Clapton played a Tele! Its a great DVD, with interviews with Beck, Page and many others, including Paul Samwell-Smith. Jeff Beck talked about his Vox amps said "They were as big as a city block.......and they sounded like crap...." What do you feel is the biggest difference between an Esquire and a Telecaster ? If anyone would know, It has to be you.. All the best.....brian carrigan  

Hi Brian, sounds like an interesting DVD. The difference between a Telecaster and an Esquire is the pickups. The Tele has two but the Esquire has only the bridge pickup. That is the only difference I know of. Take

Steppenwolf Inquiry
July 27, 2006

Hello Michael,   I am very curious as to why Steppenwolf didn't play the Woodstock festival in '69? You guys were a HOT young band at the time; it seems logical that Steppenwolf would have been one of the headliners! Any particular reason for the band's absence at the festivities? Thanks man and best of luck to you...Vince.

Hi Vince, all I can tell you is that we were asked to play Woodstock but declined. I think we may have had conflicting dates or something......I really don't remember being that long ago. Also, keep in mind that no one really knew how big it was going to be and how important it would be for music. It was really the first mega-festival of its kind. In retrospect it is easy to see that was a mistake we and our management made.........hind sight is 20/

Re: CD Giveaway
July 23, 2006

Wow, Michael!  I am truly delighted.  I have just about worn out my CDs of THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS and GUITAR BAZAAR. I can't wait to hear your new one! You and I chatted extensively the year you attended WOLF FEST. You were very gracious to me then and again now. Thanks for being such a great guy to me. Best wishes............Van aka YESWOLF aka Anthony Epperson

Re: CD Giveaway
July 26, 2006

Michael, I received my CD today and am listening to it now.  I love it!  You just keep getting better and better.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the CD.  Thanks again. Best wishes.....



WCR Public Show - July 29 - Las Vegas, NV
July 20, 2006

The World Classic Rockers will be performing live at the Cannery Hotel & Casino on Saturday, July 29th at 8:00 p.m. Be sure to purchase your tickets early by calling the box office at 1-866-287-4643 or Click Here to purchase tickets on-line. Hope to see you there!

Happy Birthday Michael ! !.........Brian Carrigan

Hey Michael
June 25, 2006

hey michael,  my name's mike f. i am a 44 year old guitar player. i used to be in that racket and had a little success (i had one record in stores nationally). anyhow, i've always wanted to tell you how influenced i was by your stuff. detective is and was one of my all time favorite bands. i play a lot of open tuning stuff, the usual stones but also charlie patton, robert johnson and nick drake type stuff. but someone pointed out to me years ago how to play one of your tunes, i cannot even remember which. but that opened everything up to me. i consider four bands the most enjoyable music to play on the guitar--led zep, aerosmith, bad co., and you guys. what stuff do you find a kick to play? do you understand what i mean when i say that some stuff is a joy to play? and how how it was written and phrased is a wonder to behold, as you play it? i would very much like to correspond a bit. who books you?

Hi Mike, thank you for the very kind words. Lately I have been playing some country-ish stuff. Double stops, chicken pickin' and banjo rolls. Some of my favorite players, Danny Gatton, Junior Brown, Albert Lee and Brent Mason use those techniques and I just love it. The band I am currently playing with (World Classic Rockers) is booked by The William Morris Agency. You can check them out at We mainly do corporate shows with some public events like summer fairs and festivals.  Please feel free to email me with any questions you have. Best wishes and Rock On!

June 3, 2006

Michael, I waited a long time for this CD, and it WAS worth the wait!!!!! Please do NOT send any
 copies to Jeff Beck or Junior Brown, for fear that they will "Give Up" playing........
Brian Carrigan

That's funny Brian. They are both guitarist that I like very much!!;)

World Classic Rockers - Kaua'i, Hawaii
May 31, 2006

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU! The show was a huge success and you absolutely ROCKED the Sugar Mill tonight! We're surprised The Mill is still standing! Thank you so much for all of your work this week and providing such a once in a lifetime opportunity for our attendees.

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Hallo Michel
May 29, 2006

Can you tell me when you are touring with the WCR in Europe ? Please, let me know !


Hi Stefaan, unfortunately WCR has no shows planned in Europe at this time. We played in Holland a few years ago and there has been some talk of doing that again, hopefully sooner rather then later. Thanks for your support - I hope you are enjoying the new

WCR in Florida & Vegas
May 15, 2006

The World Classic Rockers are playing public concerts in St. Augustine, Florida on May 29th, 2006 & another, Saturday, July 29th in  Las Vegas, NV at the Cannery Casino & Hotel!

Orlando Show
May 14, 2006

 I just wanted to tell you that it was probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. You guys so totally rock. It was just awesome to be there on stage with the guys I grew up listening to, the music was great, the energy was great, you guys were all just great. I had such a good time with you and I hope to see you again sometime soon!


May 13, 2006

I have so enjoyed MM3! The twist of country tangled with rock make unique bedfellows and your understated use of the quieter tones on the guitar are beautiful. I hope you continue to write such intriguing music...........RLB

New CD
May 12, 2006

Your new CD is great!! Any live DVD or T-shirts coming out? Hope to see you this year with WCR. Take care......Tony

Thanks for everything!
April 27, 2006

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for an awesome evening in Phoenix this week.  I just started playing guitar a few years ago and my experience on stage only solidified my passion (my talent still needs to catch up). I was fortunate enough to win the signed guitar that WCR gave us…I'm going to frame it for a lifetime of memories. Rock on and thanks again!!..........Murray

Hello Michael
April 6, 2006

Hello Michael,

Thanks so much for signing my CD's. They sound great. Not sure what I like best, really like your new CD, but "The Other side of the Tracks" is really good too. I love "When It Rains", beautiful!
Thanks again, S.K.

Just Got The CD!!
Mar 31, 2006

I just got the CD!! It turned out fantastic. I especially liked Malibu Sunset, Softly She Came and Misty Blue Eyes!! This is definitely your best CD out of them all. Very cool choice on the CD cover and insert.....KD

Hard Rock Las Vegas
Mar 28, 2006

Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the WCR show at The Hard Rock in Las Vegas last weekend.  You and Alex stole the show with the Santana songs!  Thanks for giving us an all out Rock and Roll night for our group.  They loved it.....  Hope to see you perform again soon!  

 The Gang from AT&T

You  guys were a fantastic audience right from the

Long Time Fan
Mar 24, 2006





Thanks Mickey. I like this one too! You're on the

Mar 24, 2006

I like Michael Monarch since the first time I  heard him playing in Steppenwolf.
You are one of the greatest to me.Keep rocking -

greetings from Germany - Hans - Jürgen

Re: Steppenwolf
Mar 24, 2006

Greetings Michael:

I was born in 1954 and grew up with Steppenwolf as a major part of my youth. I was a lead guitar player back then in a hard rock band. When my band performed we used to do medleys of artists that usually lasted about 30 minutes. Our Steppenwolf medley consisted of - From Here To There Eventually, Born To Be Wild, Smokey Factory Blues, Magic Carpet Ride, Hard Rock Road, and Rock Me and occasionally the Pusher (we were almost thrown out of a few venues due to the lyrics so we had to pick our spots). I realize some of these were after you left the Wolf but they were all great tunes. To me Steppenwolf never had a bad album up to and including Skulldugery. I have attended the last 3 Wolf fests in Nashville. During that time I was able to get my vintage Fender Duosonic guitar autographed by most of the Wolf alumni from back in the 60's and early seventies and well as the current lineup. Most except yourself and Nick because sadly neither of you attended them. I have just recently had a display made for the guitar which also includes the first two Steppenwolf LP's signed by John and Goldy. (see the attached photo)

 I would love to get yours and Nick's autograph on the guitar and albums, if possible, somewhere in the future. I feel that would make it complete. I live in upstate NY near Buffalo. If you would consider signing these for me at some time, at your convience, let me know and I will find a way to make it happen. To me the ultimate Steppenwolf lineup was you, John, Goldy, Nick, and Jerry. Probably the most recognizable opening guitar riff ever was on Born To Be Wild. You can't watch TV for more than an hour without hearing it on a commercial. I am sorry for taking up so much of your time, but music and especially Steppenwolf is and has been a big part of my life. I would like to thank you helping to make it possible.

Steve Coustenis

Hi Steve, thanks for all the kind words. Actually I was at the 30 year Wolf reunion in Nashville (1997) and performed with John at the show. I would be happy to autograph your guitar and albums - and I am sure Nick would too. I see Nick quite often since we are performing together in WCR (World Classic Rockers) along with members of the Eagles, Journey, Santana, etc. We travel to the east coast - seems like every month - to play shows. I will let you know if we are getting close to your area.  We have played in New York a few times in the past few years but not often. We also play Toronto now and then. Thanks again for your continued support and interest in our music.,,,,mm

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I am sorry I missed you at the 1997 Wolf fest.I listened to the audio you have on your website and immediately ordered all 3 solo CD's. Sounds excellent!! I was even able to get a copy of "It takes one to know one" off Ebay. Is the first Detective lp available on disc? Are there plans for a WCR CD? Please feel free to post my message on your website. I would be honored.


12 new tracks full of guitar bends and twists
that will take you on a trip. If you liked the last one you
are going to love this one.

"I recommend "the Other Side of the Tracks" to any listener who wants to hear guitar playing at it's best"....Rick Waite, Vice President & General Mgr. - West L.A. Music, Sept. 2002

Re: Steppenwolf
Mar 14, 2006

Hey from Lubbock TX! Home of Buddy Holly! I accidentally stumbled onto your site. I play in a local classic rock band called the Klifnotes here in Lubbock. I've been a Wolf fan for a long time ( 60's )and saw you guys here back in the early 70's. I miss the old guys. We opened for the NEW Wolf a few years ago at an outdoor concert. I think John was the only original member from Steppenwolf there. Just wasn't the same- don't get me wrong they were still good. Hope all is working out good for you and your future work! If you're ever down in the BIG city of Lubbock - look us up!

Bill- the Klifnotes

Re: new cd
Mar 12, 2006

Hi Michael, plan on ordering your new CD soon. Presently involved in a writing project - a CD and film culture guide. Your solo work along with Detective and Steppenwolf will be mentioned and recommended. I'll acknowledge your website also!

Best Wishes.....Mitchell


New CD - MM3 - Now Available!
Mar 10, 2006

MM3 - the latest all instrumental CD from the original guitarist for Steppenwolf.
An Unusual mix of music - Country, Latin, Rock, Blues & Jazz.
This is Michael's 3rd instrumental album and probably his best work ever!

Your New CD
Mar 4, 2006

I really liked the four audio clips from your new cd. When do you think it will be available for purchase and where? Thanks for all the years of great music....always a fan
Rick C.

Hi Rick, the CD is almost done - just a little more fine tuning and finishing of artwork. The first place you will be able to find it is right here on my site. It will eventually be available at all the usual places including iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby,

New cd in 2006
Feb 25. 2006

New Michael Monarch CD soon to be released titled MM3

Hawaii New Year's Eve Concert
 Jan 4, 2006

My wife and I were at your concert at the Hilton in Kona New Years Eve. We love your guitar, you are the best. By the way, Alex Ligertwood was the best show besides yourself and we had a wonderful conversation with him and yourself after the show. It is nice to know that a couple of guys such as you two could still care enough about giving a bunch of guys from Alaska a good show after performing for so many years.

We would love to see you at the Hilton next New Year's Eve.

Thanks again for a wonderful time! Happy New Year to you and yours.

John and Ina Bouker

Thanks John, what a great New Year's party!!! The audience was Rockin' and having a blast and we were too!!! Thanks for being part of


Re: Steppenwolf
Aug 28, 2005

Hi Michael, When you were with the Wolf you were always pictured with Rickenbacker gear. In public and in studio however, you never played their guitars. Did you have an agreement with them not to be pictured with any other brand? Did you use Rickenbacker amps in studio?
All the Best,

Yes, for a time we were endorsed by Rickenbacker (John still uses his JK model) so the publicity pictures had their guitars and amps in them. We did use the Rickenbacker amps live (I don't remember using them in the studio). Those amps were a little unpredictable. They were also solid state which did not help. My guitar of choice has always been Fender, although I also have a Gibson Les Paul and a Chet Atkins nylon/

At "Wolf Fest" '94, John Kay said, The Rickenbacker guitars were fine instruments, but the amps were horrible. He said, if you removed the speakers from the cabinets and laid the cabinets face down, they would make fine garden planters...JD

My name is Craig from Irvine, CA. I am an English teacher, and I teach a History of Rock course, as well as a rock performance program called KIDS ROCK. I was born in 1954 so I reached high school at the pinnacle of Steppenwol's career. I have been playing guitar since 1965 so I always followed the lead guitar player for every band from George Harrison, to John Fogerty, Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and beyond. Your guitar work on Hootchie Cootchie Man and The Pusher was an inspiration to me and my friends and I use the first Steppenwolf LP as a learning tool all the time for my students. Glad I found your web site. Thanks for all the great music ( Rock Me, Berry Rides Again, Desperation, Born to Be Wild, Magic Carpet, Hootchie Cootchie, Pusher, Jupiter Child!) I'd love to see you perform live sometime!

Dear Michael, Thank you for all the wonderful music! I have passed it to the next generation so that it can live on. My 14-year old son Chris (who's been listening to Steppenwolf since he was two) wants me to ask you if you sell any autographed CD's, photos etc. Thanks again.......Rick Chris C

If anyone wants an autographed CD, just order through my site with PayPal or by check and let me know that you want it autographed. Happy Holidays!!

Hi Michael ! I saw your website and was really happy to see you are still out there. You were without a doubt, the best guitarist Steppenwolf ever had. I am 54 , and saw you a few times when I lived in NJ. Thanks for the really great music over the years. Rock Me is still probably my favorite Steppenwolf song. Do you ever see the rest of the guys from the old days ? It was a real bummer about Jerry. Are you and John still friends? I think it is very kind of you to let people email you. I hope you the very best.
A long time fan

Michael, always have been fan of the original Steppenwolf. Recently on Ebay got hold of a live 1968 recording where Steppenwolf is playing at the Filmore. Although sound quality is erratic(bootleg?), you guys were really rocking that day!

37 years later, hearing you guys jamming so tightly on the 12 minute version of ‘Your Walls too High’ and the 10 minute version of ‘Baby please don’t go’ is just amazing and incredible. Definitely music for the soul.

Just thought I’d pass it on, wishing you all the best………



Ernie, thanks for the compliments. To answer your question, Nick is the only band member that I see on a regular basis since we work together in WCR. I have been in touch with Goldy a few times in the last couple of years through email. I am on good terms with John however we mainly speak when there is Steppenwolf business to take care of. The last time I saw him in person (we actually performed together) was 1997 at the 30 year Wolf reunion in Nashville, TN.

Peter, thank you for your words also.....I am glad you are still enjoying the old stuff.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to you both!

Janis Joplin
 Dec 30, 2005

Hello Mike!
I have a couple questions. Did you and other members of Steppenwolf play on a Janis Joplin record? And if so which one. Also, I like "At your birthday party" a lot. It has some great music and probably the best guitar sounds Steppenwolf ever got. I'd like to know how you got that super heavy lead guitar sound on "Don't cry"?
Uncle Light

Hello U L, yes, Jerry, Goldy and I played on the tracks for Janis Joplin's Kozmic Blues album. It was produced by Gabriel Mekkler who also produced Steppenwolf. I can't really answer your second question because I don't remember. I had a Les Paul Jr. and a Fender Strat at that time but I don't remember what amp or efxs I was using. In fact I don't remember that song at all. I have not listened to that stuff in a very long time. I am glad you are enjoying it and I appreciate the continued support. I am working on a new instrumental CD which I think will be my best work ever. It should be out sometime this year. Happy New Year!

Dec 6, 2005

Hi Michael,this is Shannon from Cleveland . I hope your flight went well. I just checked out your web site. LOVE IT ! I can't wait to hear your CD. I would love to see you guys perform live, maybe next time. Well you take care and best of luck to you.

Hi Michael,

Hope you had fun, I know I did! You guys are great. I see from your website, you're a pretty busy guy. I hope you can get back here again sometime soon. Thank you so much!!! Have a great Christmas and New Year!........Sandy

Thanks girls and have a Happy New Year!!

West Palm Beach Gig

Dec 6, 2005

Loooooooooved your show! You never missed a rif... It was great to hear so many of my old favorites. God Bless you! Rick

Thanks Rick - maybe we can do it again. Happy Hoidays!

falcone group
 Dec 21, 2005

kudos for the band's performance on 12/16. Doesn't get much better than that & you guys were very cool to hang with. Bring your golf clubs next year!

Great audience! See you next

1968 Fillmore Live
Dec 16, 2005


Got hold of some live 1968 concerts. Listening to the 10 and 12 minute versions of "Baby please dont go" and "Your walls too high" just reaffirms that the early group was amazingly tight and rocking. Listening to the interplay between yourself, Moreve, Edmonton and Kay's growling vocals is incredible... just want to say you were brillant and thanks for the memories....

Merry Christmas and heres to Moreve and Edmonton rocking with the angels.....


Happy Holidays Michael ! I hope 2006 is going to be a great year for you !! Can you tell me how you chose to play a Fender Esquire on your earlier recordings ? At the time everyone was playing almost everything but Esquires..... All the brian

Happy Holidays to both you!! What about the keys??

That Fender Esquire was one of my first guitars. I had seen pictures of some of my favorite guitar players using Telecasters so I guess that was a very similar choice. I gave it away to our engineer a very long time ago. I have two Tele's now - one is custom made with two humbuckers and the other is stock.

Great Show
Nov 20, 2005

Michael, I was at your show in Dallas on 11/18/05. You rocked! I was the one you leaned back on while playing your guitar. Thanks for an awesome show and keep jammin! I can't wait to see the pictures posted online! Maybe Sony will have a party and you guys could come!....God bless!.......Jessica

 Nov 19, 2005

I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH YOU AT THE HOTEL LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! (WOW! That sentence sure did not come out right ) Your performance at the Gaylord Texan last night woke me up this morning with a huge smile on my face and the passion of your music in my heart. Last night too I added a new item on my " BEFORE I DIE TO DO LIST..." I guess I have been enchanted by your guitar ....Luna

Hi Luna, thanks for posting. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. You all were a great audience. Hope we can do it again sometime. Keep in

Thanks for the great show and the guitar pick!!.....Jeff

Have Both CDs
Aug 2, 2005

have both of your cds also and I'm so amazed at what a fantastic musician you are!! I could sit for hours and listen to you play music, you're trully AWESOME !!! .....Nicole

I am working on it. Thanks for the continued support. ,,,,,,mm

I got your address from Chris M., who's done sound for my band for years now. In the course of our many conversations, it came to my attention that the cool instrumental music he was playing in between sets was your solo stuff. He said you were friends, and I told him what a huge fan I am of your work (Steppenwolf and the mighty Detective) I'm in a 70s style heavy blues based rock band called the Lizards. We've got star drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, B.O.C) and Mike Dimeo, from Riot, on vocals...we mainly play Europe. On our last European tour opening for Mother's Finest, we closed with a cover of Detective's version of "One More Heartache" We really LOVE that band.....Randy

reno show
 Nov 2, 2005

i saw you in reno and i thought you were fantastic. i would really enjoy seeing you play in the future and i hope you come back to reno soon. i viewed your video of pickin a boogie and it looked great. when will your new cd be available and by the way thanks for the guitar pick....stratman

Thanks for the good feedback. I am working on tracks for a new CD - I have 4 finished. I am glad you had a good time in Reno.... I know I did! Hopefully we (WCR) will be up there again

Hi Michael,

Just a note to let you know that I really enjoyed the WCR show in Reno last month. It was a real treat to hang out wit you guys after the show. Keep on rockin' and let me know when you'll be back in the area.

John B.

The surest sign of character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

Loved you in Atlantic City!
Aug 7, 2005

Hello Michael:

I recently discovered your website and I am so excited to see that you have some new music of your own out there. I was at the WCR concert in Atlantic City and was blown away by your playing! I definitely will be getting some of your newer stuff...I love the way you work that guitar!.....Carol  

Re: Loved you in Atlantic City!
Aug 7, 2005

Hey Michael!
My wife and I were at the concert in Atlantic City also, we had such a great time hearing all the old songs. What great memories for both of us! Thanks, and hope to see you all perform again!!.......Kurt

Any pics from 60's and 70's?
 Aug 3, 2005

Hi Michael,
Got any pictures and/or stories locked in a vault somewhere that you might be willin' to share with us? I know I'd sure enjoy seein' and hearin' them... Richard


Hi Richard, there are a few pictures on my site (photos page - two old photos from the Wolf days [60's], one Detective photo [70's] and one Monarch Band [80's]).

Here a few gigs that come to mind:

Steppenwolf – Steve Paul’s The Scene – New York City – 1967 - This is where I met Jimi Hendrix (who jammed from 2am to 5am after we played using some of my equipment).

Steppenwolf opening for Cream – Santa Monica Civic – 1967 – classic Clapton!!

Steppenwolf and Howlin’ Wolf – Marquee Club – London – 1968 – After hearing his records for years, I got to see and hear him in person.

Steppenwolf – Filmore East – this was the infamous show where Nick St. Nicholas was wearing bunny rabbit ears, his bass and nothing else.

Detective – 1975 – we toured opening for KISS but more remarkable was some of our recording sessions. Andy Johns was engineer/co-producer and we recorded at Record Plant LA. Lowell George (Little Feat) stopped by and played some (not used in mix). We were all pretty crazed back then and Andy was a mad man.

World Classic Rockers – Atlantic City – 2005 – We played on the beach in front of a sea of people. That was a memorable recent show.
I was pretty happy with the sound and performance.

Also - World Classic Rockers in Monte Carlo, Jo'burg, Hong Kong, Dubai and a month in Holland. All very memorable to me!!

Thanks Michael,

I got a big kick out of working with all of you and Andy at SIR, I think that was the name of the place, when Detective was in rehearsal. We also did sound for the show at The Golden Bear. It was a special week for my brother and myself. Detective was a great band. It was cool to hear Andy yell up to you guys on stage, "Sounds just like the record". I will always think you sounded better live. You'd go from progressive, to blues, to jazz, to boogie. Once between songs one night you broke into Sunshine of Your Love and I was saying to my brother, "Wow, I've never really heard it played right by any one, except Eric, until tonight". Andy was hysterical. One night one of ours amps blew and Andy, very calmly, went over to it, gave it's last rights, turned to us and said, "you may remove it now". We all fell on the ground. Do you have anything on tape from Detective that didn't make it on the record?


Your Guitars
July 26,2005

Hey Michael,
I was looking over the recent pics from your shows this year and you appear to be playing a strat with a tele neck. Can you tell us a little about this guitar and the others you have. Another one of my favorite players, Ed King, plays one of these strat/teles he put together.
Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard, the guitar I use live is a custom (non Fender) Strat. The pick-ups are Seymour Duncan - neck and mid are Alnico II - bridge is a Duncan Custom. I have another Fender Strat (candy apple red) that I use in the studio. Same pick-ups but this one has it's original Strat neck. I have two Tele's, one is a stock Fender Tele and the other was custom built with two EMG humbuckers and a Kahler whammy bar.I also have a two Gibson guitars - A Les Paul Gold Top and a Chet Atkins nylon ac/electric.

If I am not mistaken, Ed King was the guitarist from "The Strawberry Alarm Clock" who joined Lynyrd Skynyrd and wrote "Sweet Home Alabama". He was orignally from So. Calif. Great

Keep On Rockin'
July 22, 2005

Hello Michael. I bought both of your releases on the Baby. You blew
me away! Just couldn't be more pleased. When can hungry fans expect a
3rd? Can hardly wait! I wish you the greatest of success. Keep on
rockin'. Sincerely, Robb B.

Hello Robb, thanks for the kind words. I am working on a new CD now.  Thanks again....Michael

Atlantic City
July 16, 2005

Hi Michael - I saw you and WCR in Atlantic City (you gave my kid a pick and he's still talking about it) and wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the concert especially the Santana stuff that featured you and guys have a good groove going...keep rockin' and hope you come back to NJ next year!......Big NJ Fan


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